Veolia in Sheffield

How Veolia works with Sheffield City Council to provide household waste and recycling services

Sheffield is the fourth largest city in England with a population of over half a million living in 227,000 households.

The city is a great place to live, work, study and relax.  It is a city with many things to be proud of; most famously as a producer of steel; less famously as a city with seven hills and more woodland cover than any other city in the country; it has respected universities, theatres and art galleries and world renowned sporting facilities. It is a city of contrasts; a forward thinking city with a lot going for it. A recent survey revealed that it is the fastest growing city outside of London.

We are proud to be working with Sheffield City Council to provide your household waste and recycling services.  We started working together in 2001 and since then we have increased recycling from 4% to 30%. The amount of rubbish created in the city every year has also reduced by 30,000 tonnes. We now only send 0.3% of our rubbish to landfill. Our Materials Recycling Facility ensures that the paper and card collected from homes across the city is sorted and sent on to be made into new products. We operate an Energy Recovery Facility which converts rubbish into heat for the city’s District Energy network and electricity for the National Grid.

The UK leader in environmental solutions, Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services.
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