Order a new bin

How to request a new or replacement kerbside bin in Sheffield

Please note that there is an administration and delivery charge for providing new or replacement bins in Sheffield which is set by Sheffield City Council. 

Replacement Bins - All Services (inc Green Garden Waste)

If your bin is lost, damaged or stolen and you would like to organise a replacement, then please click on the link button below to process.

Replacement black and green service bins have a cost of £33. Blue and brown bins will be replaced for free.

Requesting Bins for a New Property

For new properties, there is a one off £99 charge for the provision of three bins to a house (BLACK- domestic, BROWN - cans, glass and plastics and BLUE for paper and card).

Separate charges apply to flats and so a site visit or assessment may need to be carried out. The number and type of bins will be confirmed once the assessment has taken place.

If you live in a new house, or a flat, then please call us to either arrange the order and delivery of your new containers or arrange an assessment of containers needed if you live in a flat.

Request a Shared Bin for a Flat

If you live in a flat and you need to replace a damaged or missing bin which you share with other households, you may wish to ask your Landlord or Managing Agent to contact us. Alternatively please do feel free to call and discuss your flats related query with one of our Customer Service Agents. Our telephone number is 0114 273 4567 and operates Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.