Your Waste and Recycling Collections at Flats

Urban Splash, Sheffield

If you live in a flat you will share your bins with other residents.

Depending on location, black bins will be emptied every week or every two weeks. Recycling bins will be emptied every two weeks or every four weeks. 

To find out which day of the week your collection day is:

Large blocks and complexes

Wherever possible, large blocks and complexes will be provided with large blue bins for paper and card, and large green bins for tins, cans, glass and plastic bottles.

Smaller blocks and complexes

Smaller blocks and complexes will be provided with smaller wheeled blue bins for paper and card, and brown bins for tins, cans, glass, and plastic bottles.

Black bins will continue to be used for non-recyclable waste.

​How to make sure your bins are emptied

  • Do not put extra waste or recycling next to the bins as this will not be taken. If there is no space left in your bins, ask your landlord or managing agent to contact us as we may be able to help
  • Do not put large items such as furniture or electrical equipment into your black bin as there will be no room left for other people’s rubbish. Take your large items to a Household Waste Recycling Centre, or arrange a bulky waste collection
  • We can’t empty the bins if the lids are not closed
  • Put the right materials in the right bin. If you put the wrong items in your recycling bins, we can’t recycle them.

Other types of recycling including textiles, and plastic items such as tubs, pots and food trays can be taken to a Recycling Site to be recycled.