Sheffield - Materials Recovery Facility

How the Veolia Sheffield Materials Recovery Facility helps recover energy from waste

The paper and card collected from the kerbside recycling collection service in Sheffield is taken to Veolia's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at Beighton, to be sorted and graded before it is sent on to be recycled.

Over 98% of the paper and card that you and your family recycle will be sent to be recycled into newspapers, magazines, cardboard and packaging.

The MRF is designed to separate out the different grades of paper and card. The paper is sent to a paper mill and the cardboard is sent to a board mill. Separating the paper and card ensures that when the mills receive the material the maximum proportion of paper fibre can be recycled into new products.

Did you know we recycle your rubbish and we make energy from your rubbish?
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