Missed Bins

Sheffield Missed Bins Frequently Asked Questions

At the bottom of this page, you will find a link to report a missed collection. However, there may be a reason why crews have not been able to empty your bin, so please take a minute to check the below information before reporting a missed collection.


1.  Have I checked my collection day?   You can check your collection day by clicking on the button below


2.  Is there a tag on the handle of my bin?  We are not able to empty a bin if it is too heavy, the bin lid is not closed, or if your recycling container has incorrect materials inside.  If your bin  has a tag, please follow the instructions provided to ensure collection on your next scheduled collection date. 

3.  What time is it now?   Our crews start at 7.00am and may change the order of their round depending upon factors such as traffic conditions and roadworks, so they may not always arrive at the same time to empty your bin. Our crews work until 4.00p.m, so please wait until after that to time to report your missed collection as a collections vehicle may still be on its way.

4.  Were cars parked inconsiderately blocking the road to large vehicles? Occasionally our crews have difficulty accessing narrow streets due to inconsiderately parked cars.  If this happens, crews will return later in the day to try again, but if they still can’t access your street, they will return the following working day.

5.  Did I remember to unlock my gate and keep my dog indoors?  If you receive an assisted collection, please make sure your gate is unlocked and your dog is kept indoors.

6.  Has there been an issue affecting collections? Sometimes collections are disrupted due to bad weather such as snow and ice, or road closures.  Please check our ‘Service Alert’  page to find out if there is an issue where you live.

If none of the information above helps to explain why your container hasn’t been emptied then please click below to report your missed collection. 

Every day our crews empty around 50,000 waste containers and sometimes we make mistakes – if the mistake was ours we will return by the end of the next working day to put it right, and we’d like to thank you for bringing it to our attention.  Please note, for green bins we will return within 2 working days.

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