Waste Analysis

Sheffield cityscape

From time to time, Veolia, in partnership with Sheffield City Council carry out analysis on the contents of waste and recycling containers.

The purpose of this analysis is to obtain important information about the type and amount of materials being placed in black bins, blue bins and brown bins.

When carrying out the analysis, a number of streets are selected at random across Sheffield, and the contents of the waste and recycling containers are collected separately from the normal collection vehicles. The material collected from each street is mixed together (e.g. black bin waste mixed with other black bin waste) and then analysed.

Please note that the contents of all of the bins emptied on each individual street are mixed together, and no information is obtained that is specific to a particular household.

Once the analysis has been completed all of the material collected from the recycling containers will be sent for recycling, and the non-recyclable waste will be sent to our energy recovery facility.

The study is important, because we will use the information provided to inform future waste and recycling  services, and communications, to help residents get the most from their waste and recycling services.

If you would like to opt out of this study, or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected]