What happens to your waste after it leaves a Veolia Sheffield Household Waste Recycling Centre

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Take a look at what happens to your waste after it leaves our HWRC sites.

Paper and Card is sorted at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and then taken to newsprint or board mills in the UK where it is made into new paper and card products.

Plastics are collected and sent for recycling locally where they are shredded and turned into other plastic based products.  Your old plastic bottles could make many new things from garden furniture to pens and food containers.

Aluminium and Metals are separated out into aluminium and steel. Aluminium is recycled into new products in Warrington. The steel is recycled in Sheffield.

Glass bottles and jars are taken to a site in Yorkshire where it is melted and used to make new bottles, jars or aggregate. The recycled glass is used in the UK and exported abroad.

Large and Small Electrical Appliances Including TVs are dismantled and components recycled within the UK and abroad.

Wood is pulverised into pellets for biomass clean energy production.

Textiles and Shoes are recycled and sent within the UK, Eastern Europe and Africa to be reused.

Garden Waste is taken by Veolia to a site in Derbyshire for mulching and composting for reuse on agricultural land within the UK.

Plasterboard is recycled in South Yorkshire and made back into plasterboard and other products.

Car and Household Batteries; household batteries are dismantled within Yorkshire and components recycled within the UK and Europe.  Car batteries go to a local processing plant.  

Fluorescent Tubes and Lamp components are dismantled and components recycled for use within the Aggregate Industry.

Rubble is taken to a site in South Yorkshire where the stones and rubble are separated, washed and reused in buildings in and around Yorkshire and the UK.


Used Oil is sent to a refinery locally where it is processed and turned into other oil based products.