What Happens to Recycled Household Rubbish in Sheffield

Recycling sites in sheffield

What happens to rubbish after it leaves a Veolia Sheffield recycling site?

Take a look at what happens to your rubbish after it leaves our recycling sites.

Paper and Card

Paper and card is sorted at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and then taken to newsprint or board mills in the UK where it is made into new paper and card products.


Plastic Bottles

Plastics are collected by local charity Reclaim and then sent for recycling in the UK. Your old plastic bottle could make many new things from garden furniture to pens and food containers.


Food and Drinks Cans

Food and drink cans are sorted into aluminium and steel by local charity Reclaim. The aluminium cans are recycled into new products in Warrington. The steel is recycled EMR, Sheffield.


Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass bottles and jars are bulked at a Veolia transfer station and sent to a third party contractor for segregation and recycling where it is melted and used to make new bottles, jars or aggregate. The recycled glass is used in the UK and exported abroad.



Textile banks are run by Oxfam, Reclaim, Scope and Bag it up on behalf of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Oxfam sort the textiles in Huddersfield. They are  re-used in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Reclaim send the textiles to recycling company Cohens where they are distributed throughout the UK and Eastern Europe.

Scope send the textiles to the UK, Eastern Europe and Africa to be reused.

Bag it up send textiles to be sorted in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia where they are reused.



Shoes are collected by European Recycling Company and shipped to Germany. The shoes are sorted and sold to developing countries.


Recycling books, CDs, DVDs and videos

Books, CDs, DVDs and videos are sorted and sold in Oxfam and British Heart Foundation shops in Sheffield.