We are asking Sheffield resdients and our teams to be StreetKind. It’s our way to make sure every one of our people is treated with the kindness and respect we all deserve at work.

Physical and verbal violence directed at our employees has more than doubled since 2020. This is not okay.

Whether they are out in the streets collecting recycling and waste or running our public household waste recycling centres, our teams are working hard to deliver vital services for the community.

Support our campaign by posting your appreciation for our workers with the hashtag, #StreetKind and tag @Recycle4Shef or simply show your appreciation for our teams with a smile and a wave.

As part of our StreetKind campaign in Sheffield, we are sharing the real stories of our staff members who experienced problematic incidents with members of the public in and around the city.

View below to see their stories.

"We know the majority of the public and our residents are kind and courteous to our people and recognise the good work they do. Unfortunately, there is a minority that feel like they can verbally and physically abuse our people and it is something we are keen to raise awareness of and stand shoulder to shoulder with our teams to say this is not acceptable and we will take action to stop it."
Chief Risk and Assurance Officer